New Balance Hierro - Sneakers

The New Balance trail running shoes are a model designed for men who enjoy running in challenging terrain. The shoes feature a Vibram outsole, which provides excellent durability, enhanced surface grip, and resistance to mud. Strategically placed lugs on the outsole contribute to superior traction, facilitating uphill and downhill running while preventing slipping.

The thicker rubber layer under the heel facilitates smoother descents, adding to the shoe's versatility. The midsole incorporates Fresh Foam technology, ensuring high-level cushioning and responsive foam for enhanced comfort and safety during runs. The upper is designed to adapt to the foot, providing both comfort and protection, with reinforced materials guarding the toes against impact from stones and roots. The name "Hierro" pays homage to the least populated and wildest island of the Canary Islands archipelago. With this model, runners can experience unlimited joy while conquering diverse terrains.