The Dudes - Headwear

The Dudes is a brand that was established in 2010 by a group of friends who shared a common ambition of creating a world that embodies their various interests, including illustration, design, music, skateboarding, tattoos, culinary arts, and good times. he Dudes is a brand that celebrates individuality and diverse interests, offering high-quality products and collaborations that reflect their creative and carefree spirit.

Despite The Dudes' carefree attitude of "Still not giving a fuck," they are committed to delivering the highest possible quality. They work with high-caliber suppliers who adhere to superior materials, quality control, and work conditions. All their garment suppliers are OEKO-TEX and SEDEX certified, following the highest standards. In addition to their clothing line, The Dudes also collaborate with artist MCBESS, offering limited-edition prints such as "Oh No," "Hairy Balls," and "Quarantine." MCBESS, a French artist based in London, draws inspiration from various influences to create his unique style.